Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

" Galactic infosys™ SEO expert enable your website more visible to your client than your competitior "

More leads genrate more sales!!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the fundamental tool of Internet Marketing. The competition for top webpage ranking is tough but Search Engine Optimization is assured to get your website on first page of serach engine result and stay on first page.


Galactic infosys™ search engine professional ensures you:

  •    Get website on first page of Google and other major search engines
  •    Result it bring new customers.
  •    Generate & replicate more sales.

How we do it for you??

Keyword Research/Analysis:

Galactic infosys™ uses best keyword search tools to locate the most effective & related keywords for your business that gain similar search volumes while taking a shorter amount of time to optimize. We call this "niche marketing" and it helps catch highly targeted traffic to your website --- the kind of traffic that converts to paying customers.

Web Page Generating:

We will design extra optimized pages based on keywords and content of your business. This will gives us a great start in heading to the top of the search list. They also act as alternative way to your Web site, giving potential customer more ways to find you. These are not spammed gateway pages, but manually created simple web pages.

Link building planning:

Major search engine like Google, Yahoo and other uses an algorithm that calculates web page value based on its number of incoming links, outgoing links, relevancy and page rank of those incoming links, page content and meta info. We do all for your website to boost your rank in the top search engines and Internet directories by increasing your link popularity.

Rank Reporting for improvements:

Galactic infosys™ is provide rank reporting. Our team are exclusively dedicated to assure the entire mechanism is as transparent as possible. So that you know exactly how your money is being used. We provide standard monthly reports, clients can ask for additional details they would like to have report on.

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